What is a Grow Tent and Do You Need It?

With colder months right around the corner, you may be thinking about the best way to keep your succulents healthy. With autumn and winter, we`re facing a lack of sunlight and a bit of frost that can hurt your plants. Of course, that depends on how cold hardy is your succulents. Finally, no matter how good your plants tolerate low temperatures, the following months maybe a resting period for your succulents. This means they will go into the surviving mode and stop growing.

Either way, if you looking for the best way to keep your favorite plants thriving all year round, you should consider introducing a grow tent into your way of gardening.

if you’re living in the area with cold winters, you likely bring most of your succulent indoors for the season. While your plants can survive indoors, winter brings several problems, such as reduced sunlight and fresh air. In this case, using grow lights is a great option, but the best grow lights for succulents are generally too bright for normal viewing and can be unusual colors as well. Quality grow tent can be amazing solution to these problems.

Grow Tent

Grow Tent Helps You Create a Perfect Environment

A grow tent is a light-tight enclosure that creates a perfect environment for growing succulents. It can be a much better option for your winter gardening than a table and growing lights setup by the brightest window in your house.

There are two main reasons grow tent is a perfect solution for indoor gardening. First, for creating good growing conditions for your succulents, you’ll need powerful growing lights. Most of them are colored and extremely bright. As you can imagine, it’s often difficult to be in the same room when the lights are on. If you don’t want to dedicate a whole room to your succulents, it’s much easier to put up a grow tent. Grow tent keep everything zipped up and doesn’t let any light to show from the outside. Also, the inside of the tent is reflective, so all of the light put off by growing lights gets to be used. There’s no “waste” light that ends up nto even touching your succulents.

Another great advantage of using growing light rather than just window light is knowing how long your succulents are exposed to light. If they start to show signs of sunburn, you can easily reduce the time lights are on. On the contrary, if your succulents start to reach, you can move the light closer to them. Also, with using growing lights in normal daylight hours, you can transfer your succulents outdoors much easier.

Protect Both Your Kids Or Pets and Your Succulents

The second reason for you to get a grow tent can be to protect your kids or pets from your succulents (and the other way around). Since zippers are often placed at the top of the tent, your kids won’t be able to get to the succulents and touch them or knock them over, causing problems for both themselves and the plants. This is also a great set-up if you have dogs or cats. Those curious creatures always seem to find plants irresistible, so this set-up will protect your plants from your pets. If you have any succulents that can be harmful if eaten, such as Euphorbias, grow tents are another way to protect your animals.

Providing fresh air and good airflow to your succulents indoors can be tricky. Even if you run the heater and air conditioner indoors, there isn’t nearly as much air circulation as outdoors. With the ventilation system setup, the grow tent provides a great amount of air circulation so the succulent soil dries out quickly as it should. The ventilation system in the grow tent can mimic the airflow outdoors which allows succulents to stay healthier.

Easy Propagating

While all succulents can thrive in a grow tent, its especially good for propagating your succulents from the leaves. Leaf propagation requires the perfect amount of light, but not too much, and a very temperate environment. Inside of grow tent, you can control the environment to make more leaves to sprout new plants and new plants will much healthier and more condensed than outside. Propagation leaves need more water, so the ventilation in a grow tent will allow the soil to dry out and succulents to develop strong roots. Also, you don’t need to worry about your leaves get sunburns or being blown away by the wind.

Inside of a Grow Tent

Keep Bugs and Infections Away

Finally, with growing your succulents in a grow tent, you’ll reduce a chance of bugs and infections. The air circulation combined with the carbon filter and contained environment allows the succulents to stay relatively bug-free. If you do find bugs such as gnats or mealy bugs, you can easily remedy the problem with alcohol. Gnat infestations can be prevented by simply letting your soil dry out before watering again.

How to Choose a Perfect Grow Tent

When choosing a perfect grow tent for your needs, you need to have a few things in mind. You can easily spend several hundred dollars, if not close to $1000 on a grow tent, especially large ones. On the other hand, cheaper tents tend to leak more light and aren’t as durable. They won’t support as much weight for hanging grow lights and ventilation systems. More expensive tents have stronger poles, more durable fabric, and do a better job of containing the light. But, they can also be extremely pricey.

For a tent that can fit all of the succulent needs, you’ll have to get some gear. First of all, you have to choose between a variety of grow tents on the market. Besides, you’ll need growing lights, duct fans, fan speed adjuster, carbon filters, wireless thermometer, ducting and clamps, some rope hangers, folding tables, table cloths, and plant stands. However, all fo the work will be worth it when your succulents continue to look healthy and happy all year round.


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