Water Globes- Are They Suitable For Succulents?

Water Globes In Pots

Water globes are taking the gardening by the storm. What makes them so popular is the fact that they can create a shortcut around usual gardening rituals. Water globes (watering globes or aqua globes, as some call them) are designed to provide the plants a steady water supply when you’re not around to water them manually.

How It Actually Works?

Colorful Water Globes

Water globes are made of glass specifically designed to water the plants for you. Usually, the glass is colorful and really fun-looking. Water globes have a glass bulb attached to a thin, long glass stem. They are also pretty simple to use. All you have to do is fill the bulb with water and stick the stem in the soil, as near as you can to the plant stem without hurting it.

Water globe uses a dripping system to slowly release the water according to the daily needs of the plant. The frequency of dripping depends of the angle in which you stick the water globe in the soil. The lower it is, water will get out slower. With this gardening tool, the chance of overwatering is minimal, since the water is released in small dosages, so the plant absorbs it constantly. Also, water globes work on every size of the plant equally effective.

Do Water Globes Work With Succulents?

You surely noticed a few issues already, just by reading the previous section. Water globes are great addition to a gardening routine, but they may cause some serious problems if applied to succulents. Succulents don’t need to be water daily. On the contrary, this watering schedule can be deadly to them. Next, the succulents watering method works differently than with other plants. Unlike the succulents love to be soaked. You need to wait until the soil is mostly dry, almost cracked on the surface before pouring a generous amount of water. This is a reason why succulents need well-draining soil, to begin with.

Water Globe For House Plants

Considering all of that, water globes don’t mix well with succulents. However, they can come handy in some extraordinary situations. Since succulents can survive for months without water, you can use water globes if you’re trying to grow these plants in a space you don’t visit that often. For example, is you have a house or apartment you visit just a few times of the year, succulents in there can benefit from water globes. Just make sure to adjust the angle of the globe stem to release the water as slowly as possible.

Overall, water globes may look fun and handy, but succulents may suffer more harm than they will do them good. If you use them as a part of a regular gardening routine already, you should stop. It’s most likely your succulents will develop root rot and get drown due to overwatering. They already need some love from time to time, so you can safely forget about them when you’re on vacation. Lucky feature, isn’t it?


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