Trachyandra Tortilis- Exotic Shape You`ll Adore

Trachyandra Tortilis

We are all very aware of the enormous variety of shapes of succulents. However, these gorgeous plants never cease to amaze us with their forms. On that note, some of the succulent species are really fairy tale-looking with colorful flowers and cute stems. Others are so rare that they are basically garden secret gems. Succulent we are presenting today is just like that. Trachyandra Tortilis looks like something Dali painted on his most creative day. However, there’s no artist like nature.

Trachyandra Tortilis– Rare Plant For Collectors

Trachyandra Tortilis Leaves

Trachyandra Tortilis is native to South Africa and Madagascar. This succulent is pretty difficult to find in cultivation. If you’re ever lucky enough to stumble upon it, its look makes it worthy of you adding it to your succulent collection. Trachyandra genus contains perennial succulents that can be tuberous or rhizomatous. Trachyandra Tortilis is uniquely looking succulent that forms a bush of curly, linear leaves that can grow up to 24 inches (61 cm). Curly leaves are coming in the fresh green color and almost feel leathery to the touch.
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This succulent blooms in late winter and early spring with white to gray flowers on a solid flower stalk erecting from the base of the plant. Flowers are also blushed with subtle pink with a prominent brown line up the flower length. They usually last less than a day, so you have to really look not to miss their short appearance. Trachyandra Tortilis is unusually long-living, summer dormant. With proper care, this can be a plant passed forward through the generations. It works amazingly as a house plant. The unique shape makes it a perfect decoration.

Grow and Care Tips

Trachyandra Tortilis is very sensitive to overwatering. You should water it in the fall through the spring every two weeks. During the dormant period in the summer, once or twice every month it will be enough. It’s crucial that you let the soil dry out completely before the next watering. Trachyandra Tortilis don’t tolerate “wet feet” at all.
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When it comes to soil, as much drainage you provide, the better. For keeping Trachyandra Tortilis healthy and root rot-free, use a rich succulent potting mix with a lot of rocks, sand perlite, or other natural material. You need to make a soil mix with perfect drainage and good airflow. Talking the airflow, Trachyandra Tortilis needs good ventilation. This succulent cant stand humidity and extremely high temperatures.

It’s best to plant Trachyandra Tortilis in the pot, as a house plant. You should place it somewhere air circulates freely. Also, Trachyandra Tortilis needs plenty of sunlight, so a windowsill is a good option. Just protect the leaves from burning in the summer sun. This succulent thrives in the temperature range from 41 to 59°F (5 to15° C). Trachyandra Tortilis is not a plant for newbies. Since its extremely rare and sensitive, you’ll have to invest time ant a lot of love to get this unique beauty growing happy and in full glory.

Trachyandra Tortilis In a Pot


Trachyandra Tortilis can be propagated from seeds and from leaf cuttings. Propagating from seeds takes much longer. In order to get a new plant growing, you may have to wait up to 3 years. Leaf cuttings propagate much faster. All you have to do is use sterile scissors to cut the leaf off, let it callus for a few days, and lay it on a well-draining soil. Water whenever the soil is dry. Once the cutting is ready, plant it in a pot.

For getting the cuttings from this particular succulent, a knife isn’t the best option. The characteristic shape of the leaves makes it harder for a knife to cut them without you twisting the leaf or damaging it.

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