Tools For Succulent Gardening

Whether you want to make gardening easier or you’re a newbie who needs a list of proper tools for taking care of your succulents, you’re in the right spot. In this post, we will present you everything a basic gardening tool kit for growing succulents need to contain. You can always leave a comment if you think we forgot something or you have some suggestions.

  • Shears

A good pair of sharp shears can really make a difference in a way you take care of your succulents. It will make easier for you to cut your plants when its needed without damaging their sensitive tissue. There are two basic types of shears you’ll need for a successful start- a pair of trimming snips and a strong pair of pruning shears. Just make sure they’re always very sharp as they won’t damage your succulents that way.

  • Tweezers

Tweezers are probably the favorite tool of succulent lovers. They are great for pulling weeds, plucking dead leaves, for picking an item from an arrangement without damaging it and for tucking the roots in the soil when planting smaller succulents. Same as with shears, you’ll need more than one type of tweezers in your tool kit. Its good to have some standard ones (for eyebrows) and some longer ones for spikey succulents. Curved tweezers are very handy when it comes to potting up plants and loosening the roots.

  • Gloves

When working with succulents, the best way to avoid injuries from those spikes is to use a good pair of gloves. You want to go with the leather ones or ones that have a layer of rubber that will prevent you from getting stabbed, As you know, as much ay they can be beautiful looking, some succulent may even be poisonous. Whatever material you choose, make sure your gloves are waterproof, as that will make working with them much more comfortable.

  • Window screen

You surely faced this problem at least once- you find a perfect looking pot, but a drainage hole is too big an that makes soil falling out of it, especially during watering your succulent. Window screen is a great solution for this. Just cut small squares and put it on a drainage hole. This will prevent soil from coming out and any pests from coming in. You can by a whole roll of it at a very low price an use it at any pot you have.

  • Rubbing alcohol

It’s very important to keep your tools clean. If you don’t pay attention to this, it may happen that you transform an infection from one plant to another really quick. To prevent that, make sure you clean your tools before you move from treating one plant to another. Simply apply some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and gently clean your tools with it. Rubbing alcohol can work very good at killing some pests too.






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