Succulents That Are Great to Grow Indoor


One of the most grateful types of home-grown plants is certainly succulents. They are pretty easy to cultivate, and with adequate care, and enough attention, they can do so much for the one who cultivates them and beautifies his living space. Here are 3 of the most beautiful and unusual succulents that can refine your living space if you are thinking of getting a plant for your home:


  1. Panda Plant ( lat. Kalanchoe tomentosa )

This unusual plant needs dry, winter air in heated homes. It originally comes from Madagascar and it grows approximately 1.5 ft. Panda Plant is also interesting because of its strange leaves that look like cats ears (another name for this plant is pussy ears). Combination of direct, indirect and shade is the perfect combination of light for this beautiful plant.


     2. Aloe Vera (lat. Aloe Barbadensis M.)

This amazing succulent is called ”queen of medicinal plant”. This is more than a good reason to enhance your home by getting Aloe Vera plant. It was known from ancient times, from ancient Africa, and the first written data about this plant were from Mesopotamia. Even then, people discovered Aloe Vera has great medical properties, it was, and still is used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It is good to use as a prevention for epilepsy, osteoarthritis, psoriasis x, asthma, burns, especially from the sun and so on. It is best to keep this plant in the sunny south or east side of the window because it is precisely the size of the plant and the amount of aloe in the leaves that is proportional to the amount of light that the plant receives. You should not water it more than once a week, because it does not stand too much water. During the winter, once a month is enough.



3. Echeveria

There are varieties of this succulent, and they all belong to a Crassulaceae family and originally come from Mexico area. Some of them have lovely, fleshy leaves, and people cultivate them because of that, and some have beautiful blooming flowers. This succulent is not hard to cultivate, but, like every other plant, it demands a certain and proper care. It needs a light, sunny place to grow, and, like Aloe Vera and most of the succulents, not much watering, especially during the winter time.



There are a lot more beautiful and unusual succulents that are adequate to grow inside your home, we will write more about them in the next story. Until then, good luck with your plants, and remember, they are also living beings and need to be loved and spoiled.



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