Succulents And Air Plants- Gardening Soulmates

Succulents And Air Plants

Succulents are great for home decoration, as well as for growing in outdoor gardens. There are numerous species, with all of the shapes, colors, and sizes one can imagine. Many succulent lovers enjoy creating breathtaking arrangments, combining different species. Succulents and air plants can make your arrangement stand out and give your garden new, fresh look.

Succulent and Air Plants Arrangments

What Makes Them A Good Pair?

Home decoration experts, gardeners and anyone on a mission to make a home beautiful agree that nothing livens up home like greenery of houseplants. Plant arrangements make an effective indoor decor, as well as beautiful outdoor garden addition. However, most people fear they don’t have enough knowledge or time to take care of these plants even though they have great ideas about how to use their beauty. If you recognize yourself in this, a combination of succulents and air plants is just right for you.

Succulents are a group of plants with an amazing diversity of species. These plants are very easy to grow. Succulents store water in their stems and leaves, so they need little or no water to survive. This makes them ideal plants for gardeners who struggle with following gardening schedules. This doesn’t mean you can neglect them completely, but you’ll get good looking and healthy succulent with little watering and some additional nutrition from time to time.

Air Plants And Succulents

On the other hand, air plants are incredible plants mostly because of their ability to grow without soil. This doesn’t mean they don’t have a wide range of species too. But the fact that air plants grow in… well, air, you can make breathtaking arrangments choosing from the wide range of fun containers for your plants. All you need is a branch for your air plant to grow on because these plants are epiphytes.

You Don’t Need A Lot Of Experience

Succulents and air plants are great to grow together, even for those “bad with plants”. Those plants are very hard to kill and both versatile enough for using in numerous creative projects. You can combine succulents and air plants to create roofs, tapestries, and living wreaths, fairy homes, vertical gardens, terrariums and anything else where eye-catching beauty is required.

When you combine succulents and air plants, just make sure to put together ones with similar needs. While succulents are low-maintenance plants and don’t need a lot of water, wispy and delicate air plants don’t even need soil at all. All they need is sunlight, occasionally watering and some humidity. There are exceptions in both groups, so for best results combine more delicate air plants that will need more moisture with succulents that need extra watering.


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