Succulent Wreath- How To Make a Timeless Door Decoration

Succulent Wreath Design

If you’re searching for creative, new level arrangements to bring into your succulent collection, the wreath can be a perfect choice for you. A colorful, rich succulent wreath can be eye-catching jewelry on your front door or bring some dimension into your outdoor garden. Wherever you decide to place this arrangement, it can bring you a year-round joy. Making your own succulent wreath will take some time and patience. However, it will all be worth it when you hang this beauty on your front door.

Get Yourself Some Spangham Moss Wreath Frame

For a first stem of making your living succulent wreath, you’ll need a quality spangham moss for a frame. You can choose between making it yourself or buying one. Whatever you decide, you should know there are numerous options out there, so you can get a good quality frame for a reasonable price. Depending on how big you want your succulent wreath to be, you’ll need about 15″ of spangham moss for around 200 cuttings.

Succulent Wreath Frame

Soak Your Moss Frame

The most important step you’ll have to take in this process is to make sure your moss frame is soaked in water properly before you can continue making a succulent wreath. No matter how working on a dry moss sounds easier and cleaner, it will fall apart as you try to get your cuttings in. For an easy soaking, just place your frame in a bathtub for about 15 minutes. Make sure every part of the frame is equally wet, so you can easily work with it.

Plan Your Dream Design

Even if you’re very confident in your design skills, this is a step you shouldn’t skip. Planing your design will help your succulent wreath looks better at the and you`ll use your cutting more efficiently. You just need to lay all of your cuttings in a circle the approximate size of your wreath. This will help you see how your wreath will look like and to see how many cuttings you actually need. You can rearrange everything until you’re completely satisfied with the overall look. When you`re done with designing your succulent wreath, take a picture. This way you can easily place your cutting just where you want them on a wreath.

Place Cuttings in a Frame

For this step, you’ll need some tool to poke holes in a moss. You can use a pencil, a stick, a dowel or some scissors. Basically, you can use any tool you can think of, as long as you keep it sterilized and clean. However, scissors may be the best option, for the size of a hole you can make with them is just about right for placing your cuttings. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be quick when placing cuttings since the moss will close around the cutting pretty fast. While assembling the wreath, you may face some problems with keeping some cuttings that won’t stay put. In that case, you can use greening pins. They will go over a leaf or the stem of the cutting and into the wreath to help hold it in place. Greening pins will also help plants not to fall from the wreath once you hang it.

Be Careful With Pairing and Hanging Up

Taking care of your succulent wreath isn’t any different from taking care of your regular succulent collection. However, there is one thing to be careful about. Once you have your arrangement all set, you should leave it flat for 6-8 weeks. This way you`ll be sure that the cuttings are fully rooted and there won’t be any falling of the wreath once you hang it. Also, the best way to maintain your wreath successfully, you should use succulents that have similar needs when it comes to watering, lighting, and temperature. This way you won’t be risking killing some of the succulents or rotting of the whole arrangement.

Succulent Wreath Heart Shape

How To Take Care of Your Succulent Wreath?

What makes succulent wreaths easy to take care of is a base of sphagnum moss. It already has air pockets so even though the moss is soaking wet, plants have plenty of room to breath and the stems of the succulents don’t rot from all the water. You can water your wreath easily by simply soaking the whole arrangement in water for a few minutes. You`ll know its time to water your wreath when the moss is completely dried out. Overall, watering arrangement once or twice a week should do just fine.

When it comes to sunlight, you need to make sure you find a balance. If your wreath doesn’t get enough light, succulents will stretch very quickly. However, you shouldn’t place the arrangement in the direct sunlight either, since plants will get sunburned. Since you’ll most likely be hanging your succulent wreath on the front door, you probably have some partial shade there. This will provide the perfect amount of sunlight for most succulents.

If you’re living in an area with freezing winter temperatures, you should consider taking your succulent wreath indoors during cold months. Just make sure you place it somewhere with plenty of sunlight. If you notice stretching you can wait until the end of the winter and then cut the heads off, or get some grow light for extra help. Also, the moss won’t dry that fast during colder months and succulents will grow a lot slower, so you don’t need to water your arrangement that often.

How Long Can Your Succulent Wreath Last?

You can keep your wreath in shape for years with proper care. As succulents in arrangments continue to grow, they may overgrow their frame. To maintain the shape of your wreath, just cut back plants from time to time to keep it nicely trimmed. Also, with cutting off the overgrow heads you’ll get more cuttings for the same wreath or even a new one. Don’t worry, the parts of the succulents you trimmed off will grow back again.





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