Succulent Jewelry – Wear Live Greenery and You’re Going to Turn Heads

So far, you might have seen and worn jewelry made of flowers and their petals. Colorful flowers and their petals embedded into clear resin and secured in a golden or silver setting looks stunning and is a choice of many nature-loving women.

But what if you can involve live plants in jewelry? Making rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and many other ornaments that have live succulents attached to them is extremely fun. The best thing about this succulent jewelry is that you can wear these live plants for your event and then plant them in a pot to add to the beauty of your home or garden.

You just have to keep a few things like strings, metal wires, nose pliers, scissors, small metal rod and glue at hand. Choose tiny-sized succulents that you can attach to your pieces. Turn wires into your desired shapes like hooks, rings etc. Cut them to your desired length. You can use strings to make necklaces. Use the small metal rod to turn the wire onto it to give it a spiral shape. And there are so many other things you can use creatively to make various shapes and thereby their accessories, and then attach succulents to them to make succulent jewelry! Wear live greenery and you’re going to turn heads!

Take a look at these pieces of jewelry and you too will feel like creating and wearing them.

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