Spring Care Tips For Your Succulents

Can you feel it in the air? Spring is just around the corner! As temperatures rise up, nature is waking up once again. So do your succulents. If you took good care of them, your succulents will soon step out from the winter resting period, which means growing and blooming all over your little piece of nature. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain happy and healthy succulents during the transition from winter to spring.

Light and Temperature

Succulents outdoors

In order to grow and bloom again, your succulents will welcome some more light and warmer temperatures. However, you shouldn’t just take them out in the sun as soon as it peeks out from the winter clouds. This could seriously harm your succulents and give them sunburns.

A good way to take your succulents out from their winter home is to move them from the inside to the outdoors gradually. This way your succulent will slowly get used to more light and warmer temperatures. This process can last for a few weeks, but be patient. Once you get them outside safely, your succulents should stay in the partial sun for the rest of the season. Just keep in mind how unstable spring temperatures could be, so take your plants inside if weather becomes colder few days in the row.


Watering succulents

When your succulents went in the winter resting, you surely cut the watering, right? In this phase, succulents are growing very slowly or not growing at all, so the probability of overwatering them is very high. In this period, you should water your succulents with just a few drops every two weeks.

Now that spring is coming, your succulents are ready to grow again. That means you need to give them more water in order to keep your succulents healthy and ready for a growing season. The right amount for the most succulents is a good soaking every week. Keep that water flowing until it comes out through the drainage hole of the pot. This is especially important for those plants that are outside on the sun. If you keep your succulent well hydrated and happy, it will reward you with beautiful flowers. Proper watering highly increases the chance of blooming.

If you chose to fertilize…

Fertilizing succulents

spring is the best time to get to that. You don’t need to fertilize your succulents in the winter, because you just want to help them stay alive, not to grow. But now, with spring arriving, you should get ready to come in with some fertilizer. This will help your succulents to grow and produce flowers faster and easier. You can fertilize your succulent from the very beginning of the spring. Fertilizers high in phosphorus will help your plants bloom. Just use some mild ones once a month. Keep in mind that you should cut in fertilization in late summer and early fall.


Repotting succulents

One last thing you should consider when it comes to spring care of your succulents is repotting them. This will give them enough room just in the right time for the growing season. Your plants will tell you when they need repotting. If you notice roots coming out through the bottom of the pot or becoming tight or the soil becoming fast draining and poor in quality, its time to get your plant a new pot. Other signs are soil shrinking in the pot or succulent becoming heavy. Either way, you should do a repotting of your succulents from time to time. Make sure you get a right soil mix that is well draining since you’ll water your plants more and they will stay happy yet another season.

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