Top 7 Tips for Growing a Lovely Succulent Garden Right Inside Your Home

Gone are the days when cacti and succulents were considered to be thorny, dry, colorless plants, and umm.. rather bad-omened! As the world is now being connected via various sources, the major being the internet, people are getting acquainted with a range of these thorny babies which consists of extremely colorful and beautiful members. Especially […]

Want to Propagate Succulents? – You have Multiple Options!

Are you planning to create a succulent garden? Are you wondering how to plant and grow succulents? If you are, let’s discuss today the various methods of propagating succulents. Fortunately, they are more than one; so, you have various options so if one fails you can try another. It’s also fortunate, that succulents are pretty […]

Succulents – An Excellent Option You Should Choose as Ground Covers

When it comes to ground covers, homeowners and gardeners usually go for grasses suitable to the climate they live in, and in general, succulents are just out of the question for this role. However, do you know that some succulents can make excellent ground covers? You’ll be amazed to see the variety in which succulents […]

Dudleya Smuggler Arrested and Sentenced to Jail in California – A Great Determent for Succulent Poachers

If you commit a crime against nature, the nature may punish not just you but the whole mankind. So, it’s extremely important that human judiciary system finds such crimes and prevents them, and if they happens, it should punish the criminals so hard that others won’t dare to commit the offense. The judiciary system of […]

Hens and Chicks Succulents – As Adorable As Real Hens and Chicks

Hens and chicks succulents are indeed cute and adorable like real hens and chicks. The botanical name of this succulent is Sempervivum tectorum. It’s also known as common houseleek and is indeed common and occurs all over the world. It’s very easy to grow and survives in a wide range of conditions. However, since it […]