Useful Tips for Growing a Lovely Succulent Garden Right Inside Your Home

Gone are the days when cacti and succulents were considered to be thorny, dry, colorless [...]

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Rebutia – An Easy-to-Grow Cactus Genus with Stunning Flowers

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Pencil Cactus – A Lovely Plant that Offers Beauty Unconditionally

Pencil Cactus is a lovely plant that offers beauty to your home unconditionally

Dudleya Smuggler Arrested and Sentenced to Jail in California – A Great Determent for Succulent Poachers

If you commit a crime against nature, the nature may punish not just you but [...]

Hens and Chicks Succulents – As Adorable As Real Hens and Chicks

Hens and chicks succulents are indeed cute and adorable like real hens and chicks. The [...]

Cactus Loses Spines – Reasons and Solutions

Although cacti are spiny, they are loved for these very spines. But when a cactus [...]

Easter Lily Cactus – A Must-have Fragrant Beauty for Any Cactus Collection

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Mammillarias – Colorful Beauties that can Complete Your Collection

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Crested San Pedro Cactus – An Amazing Outcome of Cristation

Photo Courtesy: By now, you might have become well aware of crested cacti. They [...]

Brain Cactus – Tiny, Green Brain that will Amaze You

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Texas Living Rock Cactus – Rocky Beauties

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Poached Cacti Worth Over $1.2 Million Confiscated to Chile – An Elaborate Rescue Operation

You may look at cacti and succulents as just ordinary plants like any other plant, [...]

Haworthia Truncata Var. Maughanii – Beautiful Dwarfs

The reason why a cactus collector should grow Haworthia truncata var. maughanii is that this [...]

Copiapoa Cacti – Spiny Globose Beauties

Copiapoa is an interesting genus of family Cactaceae and consists of around 30 species of [...]

Amazing Saguaro – Part II – Cristate Saguaro

Hi friends, here I am with the second part of the saguaro cactus article, in [...]

Amazing Saguaro – Part I – A Beautiful Giant

When you hear or talk about cacti, you spontaneously visualize a tall green central post [...]

Sniffer Dog Caught Woman Smuggling Succulents and Cacti from China to New Zealand

Image Courtesy: Today we’re starting a new section where we would share interesting, unique [...]

Sukkulenten Sammlung – A Must-visit for Succulent Lovers

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Mark Dimmitt – An Inspiration for Cactus Lovers

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Succulent Jewelry – Wear Live Greenery and You’re Going to Turn Heads

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Amazing Health Benefits of Cactus

Planting cacti in one’s own yard is a trend that is getting increasingly popular. Due [...]

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How to Grow Succulents in Shade?

If you’re sad because you love succulents but you can’t grow them because either you [...]

Propagation Mandala- Make Your Cuttings Look Good

Propagating and getting new baby succulents from your favorite species is always fun. However, you [...]

Succulent Propagation In Water- The Last Resort For Stubborn Cuttings

Succulents are usually pretty easy to propagate. Most species form new plants from cuttings quite [...]

Rose Succulent- Yes, You Read That Right!

Every now and then, a succulent species rises from its genre and become widely popular. [...]

Dudleya- Beauty Worth Of Waiting

The succulent family has countless members and species. We`re already used to that. Still, it [...]

Strawflower Cactus- Don`t Overlook This Beauty

If you’re browsing gardening shops on regular basis, you surely noticed cute little cactus plants [...]

Cactus In The Kitchen- More Than Just A Pretty Visual

Cacti family is rich in unusual, beautiful species that can make every garden or indoor [...]

Water Globes- Are They Suitable For Succulents?

Water globes are taking the gardening by the storm. What makes them so popular is [...]

Succulent Fertilizer- Answers To Confusing Questions

While talking about different types of succulents and cacti, we usually spend some time on [...]

Ice Plant- Geometry In A Pot

Having to stay inside as much as possible is surely taking a toll on all [...]

Rare Cactus Plants- Sweet Treat For Collectors

Whether you’re a cacti newbie or an experienced grower, you sure have a sweet tooth [...]

Coral Cactus- Little Monster Of Succulent World

In the countless variates in the cacti family, if something has a pet name that [...]

Mermaid Tail Succulent- Out Of This World

No matter how much we`re used to finding new and unique-looking succulents, from time to [...]

Fairy Castle Cactus- Because We Need Magic Right Now

Nothing says “home” like a cozy corner near the window, with a chair, a coffee [...]

Looking For A Project? How About A Fairy Garden?

In this challenging time, when we all need to stay home and avoid outdoor activities, [...]

DIY Succulent Soil- It`s Easy And Fun!

When we are breaking down the growing needs of specific succulent, we talk about the [...]

Jumping Cholla- It Bites, But It`s Adorable

In a cacti world, there are some pretty spiky species. Then, there are ones to [...]

Tiger`s Jaw Succulent- Moody, Dangerous and Unique

If you have to double-check to make sure that in the pot is not something [...]

Totem Pole Cactus- Dreamy Mutant You`ll Adore

We didn’t have a cactus talk for quite some time now. For getting the word [...]

Echeveria Black Prince- Classy Addition To Your Collection

Are you craving a bit of drama in your succulent collection? We have a real [...]

Crassula Muscosa aka Watch Chain- Your New Succulent Best Friend

Every succulent garden needs a bit of refreshment from time to time. The best way [...]

Trachyandra Tortilis- Exotic Shape You`ll Adore

We are all very aware of the enormous variety of shapes of succulents. However, these [...]

Aloinopsis- Small Genus Of Little Pot Cuties

Succulents are the perfect addition to any arrangement, both indoors and in an outside garden. [...]

Succulent Sunburn- How To Help Your Plant?

Sunlight is crucial to every plant. It’s the important element of photosynthesis and allows the [...]

Butterwort- Tiny Succulents Fight Back

Waking up of nature calls for thriving plants blooming and filling up pots and gardens. [...]

Hoya kerrii- Indian Gem For Lovebirds

Sure, love month is far behind us. However, you should make your significant other feel [...]

Aeonium “Kiwi”- Tricolor To Make Your Spring Pop

After cold winter months and with spring right around the corner, we`re all craving a [...]

Calico Hearts- A Pinch Of Purple

Winter brings us a lot of joy and fun things to do. Still, it usually [...]

Adromischus cristatus- Addorable Crinkle-Leaf Plant

Adromischus cristatus aka Crinkle-Leaf Plant is a perfect plant for newbies to start their succulent [...]

Sempervivum arachnoideum- Adapt And Shine

Sempervivum arachnoideum is succulent from the family of Crassulaceae, native to Alpes, Carpathians, and the [...]

Change The Color of Your Succulent- Yes, It`s Possible!

Were learning over and over again that succulents are coming in all forms, shapes, and [...]

Want a Terrarium? Here`s What You Need To Consider

Glass terrariums are gems of succulent arrangements. They look classy and stylish. Also, there are [...]

Kumara plicatilis aka “Fan Aloe”- Gorgeous Bloomer

If you’re in the market for a stunning, statement plant to give your garden a [...]

5 Tips On Making Your Succulents Grow Faster

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Coppertone Sedum- Gift of Color

Is there a better holiday gift for a succulent lover than an arrangement full of [...]

Candelabra Tree- Enlighten Your Garden

We’ve already learned that succulents come in all shapes. color and sizes. However, these plants [...]

Echeveria “Doris Taylor” cristata – Nature`s Wander

Nature has its ways to amaze us with its creations. We usually get more amazed [...]

“Chin Cactus”- Beauty On The Edge

In the holiday season, what’s the better and more thoughtful gift than a plant that [...]

Jade Plant Is Giving You A Hard Time? Here Are The Most Common Problems

Crassula ovata aka Jade Plant is native South Africa succulent. This is one of the [...]

10 String Succulents You`ll Love

String succulents are exactly what their name implies- succulents that are growing in a form [...]

Feather Cactus- Look Can Be Deceiving

When we say “cactus”, we almost always imagine hard, painful spikes on a fat, green [...]

Sempervivum “Sirius”- Vibrant Colors In A Small Package

With winter months striping our gardens off colors, succulents are a great way to bring [...]

Jatropha- To Be Or Not To Be Succulent

The Jatropha genus includes a wide variety of plants native to warmer regions all over [...]

What Causes Succulent Mutations?

In order to understand why succulents develop mutations, we need to take a look at [...]

Gasteraloe “Green Ice”- Refreshment For Your Indoor Garden

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10 Facts About Christmas Cactus For Holiday Season

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15 Interesting Cactus Facts For Cacti Lovers

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10 Aloe Vera Health Myths

Aloe vera health benefits are widely known. It is proven over and over again how [...]

Epithelantha micromeris (“Button Cactus”)- Step Up Your Rock Garden Game

Epithelantha micromeris aka “Button Cactus” is a perfect addition for your rock garden or to plant [...]

Kalanchoe tomentosa “Panda Plant”- Furry Cutie For a Pot

If you’re looking for a new addition to your indoor succulent garden, take a look [...]

Graptoveria “Debbie”- Little Bit Of Pink You Need This Autumn

We already learned succulents come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. One we`re meeting today [...]

Is Your Elephant Bush Losing Leaves? Here`s Why

Elephant Bush or Elephant Food (also known as Portulacaria afra) is one of the world’s [...]

Fockea- Exotic Gem From Africa

Fockea is a genus name for 6 succulent scrubs native to southern Africa. In the [...]

Rosulate Viola- Rare Gem For Experienced Growers

Viola, a genus of the Violet family, contains around 600 annual and perennial plants, as [...]

Moving With Succulents- Transfer Your Plants Without Harming Them

Moving is stressful enough. If you add your succulent collection to the mix, it seems [...]

Pruning Succulents- Tips For Maintaining Your Succulent Arrangement

Succulents are well known for their diversity in shapes, colors, and sizes. They’re also known [...]

Tips And Tricks On Choosing a Perfect Pot For Your Succulent

Pots are the second best thing when it comes to growing succulents. There is such [...]

Succulent Wreath- How To Make a Timeless Door Decoration

If you’re searching for creative, new level arrangements to bring into your succulent collection, the [...]

What is a Grow Tent and Do You Need It?

With colder months right around the corner, you may be thinking about the best way [...]

Aloe or Agave- How to Know The Difference?

Aloe and Agave are two different genera of drought-tolerate succulents. If you had a chance [...]

DIY Succulent Topiary- When Nature Meets Art

The art of topiary, as one of the oldest forms of sculpture, involves pruning and [...]

Kalanchoe luciae “Paddle Plant”- A Bit of Drama We Need

Kalanchoe luciae, also known as “Paddle Plant” or “Flapjack”, is among the most dramatic-looking succulents [...]

Euphorbia polygona “Snowflake”- Bring Some Color To Your Autumn

With the autumn at our doorsteps, we`re looking into another colorful season. With their wide [...]

Why Is Your Cactus Leaning?

Cacti are hardy plants that are pretty easy to grow since they don’t require much [...]

Mammillaria gracilis fragilis- Unusual Cactus For Your Home or Garden

A big family of cacti is full of different shape, sizes, and colors. It all [...]

Haworthia reinwardtii- A Lot Of Cuteness With A Little Effort

Haworthia is a great choice for you if you’re looking for a perfect, easy-growing house [...]

Melocactus- Beauty Worth The Effort

Melocactus is a genus of especially eye-catching cacti. Being a popular cactus in cultivation, they’re [...]

The Wonderfully Bizarre Cheiridopsis Genus

The Cheiridopsis genus contains around a hundred species of flowering succulent perennials, all native to [...]

Opuntia microdasys albata- Desert Cutie For Your Home and Garden

In the cacti family, Opuntia microdasys albata may be one of the cutest members. That’s [...]

Haworthia springbokvlakensis- Unusual Beauty

If you’re searching for a botanical treasure to help your garden stand out, search no [...]

Sedeveria “Blue Elf”- Bring Happiness To Your Garden

Sedeveria “Blue Elf” (also known as “Happy Plant”) is a beautiful succulent with a blue-green rosette [...]

The Impressive Crassula Genus

Crassula are a widely cultivated plant genus with some 350 accepted species, originating almost exclusively [...]

Bring Sunrise Into Your Garden- Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata

If you’re looking for a succulent that will light up your home or outdoor dish [...]

4 Steps To Perfectly Propagated Succulent

If you’re dreaming of a succulent collection, all you need is one healthy plant and [...]

Echinocereus – A genus for all

Echinocereus is a genus of popular specimen plants, containing over 70 species of ribbed, cylindrical [...]

Grafting Cacti- Propagation Method You Should Try

Cacti come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes them desirable plants for both [...]

Vertical Succulent Garden In A Few Easy Steps

If you’re looking for something that will bring the wow factor to your garden but [...]

4 Reasons Your Leaf Cuttings Won`t Grow A New Succulent

If you’re a succulent lover that decides to propagate your plants, you probably learned the [...]

Euphorbia tirucalli – The Wonderful Sticks of Fire Plant

The Euphorbia Tirucalli is one of over two thousand splendid and diverse plant life within [...]

Pots Without Drainage- How To Water Succulents In Them?

Pots can be amazing for creating breathtaking succulent arrangments. Usually, you’ll go with ones with [...]

Does Your Jade Plant Lose Leaves? Here`s Why

Jade Plant or Crassula ovata is for sure one of the most common houseplants. It has [...]

Yavia- Newest Addition To The Cactus Family

Yavia is a monotypic genus of dwarf plants. This is one of the most recently [...]

Floriferous Epiphytic Cacti – The Best Flowering Specimens

Epiphytic cacti are unlike any other, these have adapted to a life in tropical rainforests [...]

Succulents And Air Plants- Gardening Soulmates

Succulents are great for home decoration, as well as for growing in outdoor gardens. There [...]

Aerial Roots on Succulents- What Can You Do About Them

You have your succulent for some time now and you start noticing some weird rooty [...]

Fungal Infections And Succulents- How To Treat Them

Succulents are probably the easiest plants to grow. However, like most of the plants, they [...]

Euphorbiaceae – A Comprehensive Collection of Stem Succulents

The Euphorbia genus contains a wide and diverse range of ornamental plants, from the smallest [...]

Epiphytic Cacti- Forest Gems For Your Home

When you hear “cactus”, you’re imagining desert, sand and large spikes, right? Well, you can [...]

Blooming Cacti- Everything You Need To Know

Generally, cacti are flowering plants. That means that every cactus will bloom at some point [...]

The Great Opuntia Genus – Prickly Pear Cactus

“Opuntia” in its botanical name, is a truly unique genus ranging from small, prostrate plants [...]

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii- Cute Mutant Moon Cactus

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii is a cactus commonly known as Moon Cactus. This is a “mutant” species that [...]

Pleiospilos nelii- Great Succulent For Beginners

if you’re new in growing succulents, this little guy may be just a right start [...]

Spiral Aloe- A Gem You Want In Your Garden

Aloe is probably one of the most numerous genera of succulents. Among all of the [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Growing Asclepiads

With a total of more than 100 genera, the botanical Asclepiadaceae family contains few species [...]

10 Tips For Growing Succulents Outdoors

With spring just around the corner, its perfect time to take care of your outdoor [...]

The Amazing Family of Asclepiads

Asclepiads are a super-stunning plant family containing over 3000 members.  These range from perennial herbaceous [...]

Aptenia- A Great Ground Cover For Your Garden

If you have an outdoor garden, you sure faced some doubts when it comes to [...]

Monocarpic Succulents- You`re Not Killing Them

Your favorite succulent finally bloomed and just died afterward? Don’t worry, its not your fault. What [...]

Fenestraria- Tiny Succulent For A Big Difference

If you’re planning an indoor garden that will catch an eye, you can’t miss having Fenestraria [...]

Discocactus horstii- Grow and Care Tips

Discocactus is a highly prized genus of cacti, very popular among the collector around the [...]

Spring Care Tips For Your Succulents

Can you feel it in the air? Spring is just around the corner! As temperatures [...]

You Have A Furry Friend? Keep Your Pet From These Succulents

If you’re a succulent lover that own a dog or a cat, you probably worry about [...]

Haworthias – A Diverse Range of Plants within One Genus

Haworthias originate from the landscapes of Southern Africa and are closely related to the Aloe [...]

You Want Something Different? Meet Blossfeldia liliputana

Blossfeldia liliputana earned its name by the novel Gulliver’s Travels and the tiny people of [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Grow Lights for Succulents

Why use Grow Lights for your Succulents and Cacti? We all know that plants need [...]

Yummy Succulents? Type of Succulents You Can Eat

When you’re enjoying that beautiful arrangement in your garden, eating some of those succulents isn’t the first thing [...]

5 Ways Succulents Can Help You Stay Healthy

Besides being beautiful and easy to grow, succulents can make a great change in your [...]

Your Succulents Are Dying? Here`s How To Revive Them

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Tools For Succulent Gardening

Whether you want to make gardening easier or you’re a newbie who needs a list of [...]

How To Combine More Succulents In One Pot

Making succulents arrangement is a lot of fun. There is so many shapes, sizes, and [...]

Top Types of Succulents You Want in Your Garden

Did you notice how succulents are gaining popularity over the last few years? That is [...]

How to Grow Aloe

Growing Aloe Aloe is probably one of the most recognizable succulents that you can grow!  [...]

The Amazing Adenium arabicum Plant

The Adenium arabicum is a deciduous succulent within the Apocynaceae family, also known as the [...]

Common Diseases & Cultural Problems in Succulent and Cacti

  The Cacti and Succulent families are easy to care for and not particularly prone [...]

The Most Common Succulent Problems

Many people think that succulents are indestructible, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!  [...]

How to Fertilize Your Succulents

Succulents are uniquely looking, beautiful and easy to grow. If you want an outdoor colorful [...]

Succulents and Winter- Make Them Last

Photo by: Mountain Crest Gardens Caring for your succulents during the winter can give you a headache, [...]

How to Treat Common Succulent and Cacti Pests

We all like to give our plants the best start in life.  This will, in [...]

How To Grow Tephrocactus From Seeds

(1) Before start sowing, you need to know that all the species belonging to the [...]

How To Grow Stenocactus From Seeds

Stenocactus are easy to grow, sow the seeds preferably in spring due to the fresh [...]

How To Grow Senecio From Seeds

Choose the right container it can be a seed tray or a pot. Note that, [...]

How To Grow Sempervivum From Seeds

Sowing Sempervivum in a seed tray or a pot is a good option. Remember that [...]

How To Grow Sedum From Seeds

The best months to sow Sedum seed are from March to April (spring) or from [...]

How To Grow Pleiospilos From Seeds

The best time to plant Pleiospilos is in late spring and summer. One of the [...]

How To Grow Pachyphytum From Seeds

Like any other succulent plant, the soil must have good drainage and must be porous [...]

How To Grow Melocactus From Seeds

Sow the seeds during February and March because this is when the growing season starts. [...]

How To Grow Mammillaria From Seeds

The best time to plant Mammillaria seeds is in late spring or summer due to [...]

How To Grow Kalanchoe From Seeds

Kalanchoes are easy to grow, sow the seeds preferably in spring due to the refreshing [...]

How To Grow Gymnocalycium From Seeds

The recommended months to sow Gymnocalycium seeds are the warmer ones, though if you live [...]

How To Grow Dioscorea From Seeds

The substrate you need to use for the germination of this plant’s seeds is the [...]

How To Grow Cleistocactus From Seeds

You can sow the seeds in the month of your preference as long as you [...]

How To Grow Argyroderma From Seeds

This kind of succulent belongs to the Mesemb family. They grow surrounded by pebbles and [...]

How To Grow Aeonium / Greenovia From Seeds

1. The best moment to plant Aeonium is in spring because they are accustomed to [...]

A Good Guide to Desert and Forest Cacti

SUCCULENTS AND CACTI For those of you just stepping into the world of Cacti and [...]

How to Water Succulents and Cacti – This May Surprise You!

Watering Succulents & Cacti I’ll start off by saying that you should not believe everything [...]

Cactus Flower- Get Your Holy Grail of Gardening

If you’re a cacti lover, you surely know that many of them can grow beautiful [...]

Succulent newbie? Watch out for these mistakes

I know, that succulent wall you saw at the wedding last Saturday looked amazing. You want something [...]

Succulent Growing Mediums – A Comprehensive Guide

Have you spent hours hunting around your local garden centre for the best succulent and [...]

How to Repot a Succulent

How to Repot a Succulent Repotting a houseplant is often a source of confusion.  How [...]

How To Grow Lapidaria From Seeds

Lapidaria The best moment to sow Lapidaria seed is during the growing phase (spring), although, [...]

“Lithops” or Living Stone Plants – A Growers Complete Guide

Many of us like to grow unusual plants, not only do they look great, they [...]

3 Easy To Grow At Home Succulents

Are you one of those people that can only nurture plants in vases? No matter [...]

How To Grow Graptopetalum From Seeds

There are two options at the moment of choosing the ideal flowerpot to sow Graptopetalum [...]

The Spiral Albuca Plant – A Complete Guide

The Spiral Albuca is a really crazy-looking, tropical plant which is easy to care for [...]

How to Make the Perfect Succulent Compost

As a succulent enthusiast and green-fingered maestro, you will already be aware that a “bog-standard” [...]

Succulents That Are Great to Grow Indoor

One of the most grateful types of home-grown plants is certainly succulents. They are pretty [...]

How To Grow Gibbaeum From Seeds

The perfect seasons to grow Gibbaeum is in spring from March to April, and Fall [...]

How To Grow Faucaria From Seeds

Sow Faucaria seeds in spring or fall because they grow during these months, apart from [...]

How To Grow Dinteranthus From Seeds

1. Sow the seeds in late summer, fall, or late fall. The best way to [...]

How To Grow Copiapoa From Seeds

The best time to plant Copiapoa plants is in late spring or summer due to [...]

How To Grow Conophytum From Seeds

To plant Conophytums is a very straightforward process, and there is no complication when sowing. [...]

How To Grow Ariocarpus From Seeds

The best season to sow Ariocarpus seeds is in spring because this is the growing [...]

How To Grow Astrophytum From Seeds

Select the container where you want to plant your Astrophytum seeds.It can be a seed [...]

How to Grow Proteas from Seeds

The best time to plant Protea is during autumn or spring because that’s the period [...]

How To Grow Stapelia (Orbea) From Seeds

Prepare the standard Cactus substrate. It’s extremely important that it has good drainage. Another thing [...]

How To Grow Tylecodon From Seeds

In order to prepare the best base for Tylecodon cultivation from the seed, you’ll need [...]

How To Grow Anacampseros From Seeds

Anacampseros succulent is self-pollinating, which means that it doesn’t require another plant to make the [...]

How To Grow Cheiridopsis From Seeds

This succulent is extremely easy to get to germination and care for. You should plant [...]

How To Grow Cacti From Seeds

You can get the substrate used for planting Cacti by mixing garden soil, fine construction [...]

How To Grow Crassula From Seeds

It’s best to plant Crassula in spring or summer because the natural conditions required for [...]

How To Grow Aloe From Seeds

When planting Aloes, it’s of extreme importance to provide good substrate drainage. That’s why it’s [...]

How To Grow Pachypodium From Seeds

Before planting Pachypodium, you need to soak the seeds in the water with a temperature [...]

How To Grow Mesembs – Lithops, Argyroderma, Titanopsis From Seeds

1. The substrate in which you’ll be planting Mesembs has to contain two ingredients in [...]

How To Grow Haworthia, Gasteria From Seeds

Substrate for planting seeds of this plants should contain one part crushed peat, one-part river [...]

How To Grow Echeveria From Seeds

If you are to plant Echeveria, it’s important to determine if the seeds are fresh. [...]

How To Grow Drosera From Seeds

Drosera usually grows on sour swamp soil, so if you’re going to care for it [...]

How To Grow Agave From Seeds

Easy steps : How to plant, grow and care for Agave The substrate preparation for [...]

How To Grow Adenium From Seeds

Easy steps : How to plant, grow and care for Adenium obesum. 1. Submerge the [...]

How To Grow Palms From Seeds

Palm seeds germination Try to find rich soil. Palm seeds will germinate in any kind [...]