Looking For A Project? How About A Fairy Garden?

Succulent Fairy Garden

In this challenging time, when we all need to stay home and avoid outdoor activities, finding something to fill up the time can be tricky. On the other hand, can you imagine a better time for finding a new hobby? If you still didn’t decide your next quarantine project, we are strongly suggesting to involve some succulents in your planning and create our own fairy garden.

Fairy gardens are gaining popularity for the last couple of years. They are adorable, easy to make, and bring endless creative possibilities. Furthermore, spending some time working around plants will reduce your stress level and add a quality-spent time to your daily routine. Finally, you’ll end up with a beautiful succulent arrangement that can make your home or deck look… well, fairy.

Fairy Gardens Bring Magic Into Your Life

Tree House Fairy Garden

If you looking for the perfect form of displaying your tiny succulents and make them pop, a fairy garden is an answer for you. They allow you to be as creative as you wish and they are easy enough to make that even a succulent newbie can give it a try. Fairy gardens can be placed both indoors and in the outdoor garden. Just think of them as large containers and treat them accordingly. Once arranged, fairy gardens don’t need much more than watering here and there. Since succulents are mostly slow-growers, these arrangements tend to hold their shape for quite some time. All you’ll need to do is to trim those plants that overgrow a container from time to time.

Fairy gardens are widely popular because they open countless possibilities when it comes to arranging succulents. YOu can literally tell your favorite fairytale using plants and props. You can also create your own story. Whatever you decide, you’ll first need a proper base. In this case, that refers to a container you’ll grow the fairy garden. If you looking to an indoor placement, go for a wide, shallow pot that will give you a lot of room to work. You can also use a ceramic birdbath. Just make sure you drill some drainage holes at the bottom. A large basin is another good choice. Get creative and find a container that will serve the vibe you want to create and make a good home for succulents to stay healthy.

Outdoors, you can turn to more natural materials. Fairy gardens planted in a log or tree stump look breathtaking. You can also arrange succulents against a garden wall. Another good option is to get a large, wide, shallow pot and plant succulents in it. Finally, if you don’t want to make an additional purchase, you can always grow a fairy garden shaped by a tiny picket fence. This arrangement looks especially cute as a central piece of the garden area.

Go Wild With The Props For Your Fairy Garden

Succulent Fairy Garden With Props

Props will help you create a story or a vibe you desire. The best thing is that everything can be a fairy garden prop and there’s no limitation. So, go wild! You can use tiny plastic animals and create a succulent zoo. If you really want to justify a gardens name, why not go in with little plastic fairies, elves, dwarfs, or fairy wings? If you have a children, you can use toys they overgrown and repurpose them, instead of throwing them away. Also, if they’re into gardening too, designing a fairy garden can really spike their creativity and keep them occupied for hours.

When it comes to materials you can go for, there is really not much you should avoid. The only thing you need to stay away from is metal props. They may look great, but they will rust quickly since you’ll be watering the garden from time to time. Rust may get into the soil and seriously harm succulents’ roots. The safest way is to always to go natural. You can use wood and rocks to create mini forests or pathways between succulents. Some interesting rock can be a central piece of the fairy garden you can build around. Also, rocks are great for borders. Finally, tiny cottages with some smooth stone make great villages.

Arrange Your Succulents

Finally, its time for some gardening. When choosing succulents for a fairy garden, all you have to keep in mind is to pair those with similar water and light needs. Everything else is totally up to your imagination. Try to place the pants on different widths and heights. That will add a dimension to your fairy garden. Also, if you get some flowering succulents, you can pair those that bloom a few times a year and add some vibrant colors to the landscape of your story. Finally, you can also add some herb plants to a fairy garden. They will bring another dimension with different leaf shapes and flowers. For example, add a small rosemary bush to create a forest.

Different Succulents In Fairy Garden

As for succulents, the combination depends of what are you trying to accomplish. However, there are some classic arrangement succulents that work perfectly in fairy gardens. Lithops are great for footpaths, Why use actual rocks when you can use these colorful and living ones? Echeveria have a beautiful rosette and grows in small clusters, so it will fill the space without stealing the show. You can also plant some unique- looking species, like Panda Plants, Button cactus, or Zebra Plant. Some very very popular succulents in these kinds of arrangements are a common houseleek, Crassula helmsii, Sedum japonicum… You surely get the idea so far. As long as they have similar growing needs, your fairy garden can be a home to whatever succulent you desire.

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