Ice Plant- Geometry In A Pot

Ice Plant Succulent

Having to stay inside as much as possible is surely taking a toll on all of us. However, this is a perfect time to develop some “green tooth” and expand our garden collections. If your indoor succulent garden needs a breath of fresh air, Ice Plant can be a great starter. With its geometrical appearance and solid color, it can inspire you even for some arrangement making.

Ice Plant– Tiny Dosage Of Pure Futuristic Style

Ice Plant Flowers

Ice Plant is one of the numerous species from Aizoaceae’s succulent family. It’s native to South Africa and widely spread in cultivation. The reason it’s so popular has to be its amazing form. This is a tiny succulent, perfect for growing in interesting-looking pots. The plant gets up to 12 inches (30.5 cm) high and usually the same in diameter, too. Ice Plant has a bushy-like appearance, with thick, almost rectangular leaves growing in pairs and opposite each other.

As the plant matures, leaves are changing color from deep green to green-blueish. Ice Plant blooms in spring with bright yellow flowers. Since its widely popular among succulent lovers, you can find this cutie under different scientific names. Besides its common name, this succulent is called Mesembranthemum sexpartitum, Delosperma algoense, and Schonlandia lehmannii.

Grow And Care Tips

Ice Plant mostly thrive on neglect. The most important thing in their growing needs is temperature. On the contrary to its name, this plant is not cold-hardy. It prefers a warmer climate and tolerates some light frost, but not below 250°F (- 3.90°C). On that note, Ice Plant really enjoys sunbaths. When considering a placing for this succulent, choose a bright spot in the garden or a window with at least 4 hours of direct light. Also, make sure that the plant gets a bit of shade during the day to prevent sunburns.

When it comes to water, a “soak and dry” method will take you a long way. Just make sure than you’re giving a generous amount of water each time. Giving the fact that Ice Plant loves to be soaked, it needs well-draining soil. Otherwise, it will suffer from root rot and eventually get drowned. You can use a regular succulent potting soil mix and add a bit of sand, perlite or pumice.


Ice Plant can be propagated from seeds or from cuttings. If you choose to grow new plants from seeds, be aware that this succulent takes its sweet time to grow out. Cuttings get going much faster. All you need to do is cut a stem and plant it in a well-draining potting mix after you let it callus for at least a day.


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