We accept PayPal and credit card payments.

We can accept western union payments only on orders over $250. In that case all the fees should be paid on your side.

Worldwide shipping:
– Shipping via regular mail (unregistered) – tracking is not possible!
– Processed within 5 working days

Estimated delivery times (after purchase):

United States: 3-5 weeks
Canada: 3-6 weeks
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 3-5 weeks
Europe: 2-3 weeks
Asia: 3-5
Middle East & North Africa: 3-6 weeks
Brazil: 4-7 weeks
Latin America and the Caribbean: up to 3 months
Africa (Rest): up to 3 months

We accept cancellation requests submitted up to 24 hours after purchase

Ship items back to us within: 15 days of delivery

Lost and non-delivered shipments:
Before you contact us that you didn’t get your order please check estimated delivery times written above. Your order is considered lost or non-delivered if you didn’t get it 2 weeks AFTER maximum estimated delivery time for your zone (stated above)

For example, if you are in USA, we consider it lost 7 weeks after purchase.

We offer 2 solutions for lost shipments and it is up to you to decide how to proceed:

1) Full refund of your order
2) Resend seeds in 5 working days (if we have all the seeds in stock)

All you need is just to contact us on our email unusualseeds1 [at] gmail [dot] com. And please give us your order number or name so we can know which order is yours.

Unsuccessful germination:

We do not guarantee for germination because seeds are living things and a lot of problems can occur on your side. Soil may not be sterile or wrong light, temperature, humidity and other conditions. We test our seeds and they are always fresh and from recent harvest. Still, if you think that you did everything right and that problem is not on your side you can contact us so we may find a solution that works for both sides!