How To Grow Palms From Seeds


Palm seeds germination

  1. Try to find rich soil. Palm seeds will germinate in any kind of soil if there is enough humidity but rich soil will help it to grow faster. Soil mix should consist of regular soil you can buy in stores with added gravel and perlite for better drainage and one part of sand.
  2. Before sowing it is important to sterilize the soil. You can do that 45 minutes in regular oven or 3 minutes in microwave. Wait to cool down and add a lot of water.
  3. Palms have very long taproot so it is important to sow them in deep pot – to avoid repotting while it is still very young.
  4. Germination can be done on couple of ways. You can keep them in water until it starts germinating. Also, you can do that with zip bag method which should also work fine. At last, you can germinate it in already prepared soil but in that case put seeds 24 hours in water prior to sowing.Seme sejate na dubini od oko 1-2 cm. Ukoliko je već pustilo klicu onda vodite računa da klica ide ka dole.
  5. It is important to keep high humidity and soils should never dry out. The best way is just to put your por in plastic bag and close it.
  6. Keep temperature above 25C (77F). During nights it can be a bit lower. Seeds should start germinating in around 2 weeks (washingtonia) but some species take a lot longer.
  7. In the first stage, while plant is still young, do not put it on direct sunlight but place it where is very bright. Keep it in hot conditions above 25C (77F) until they grow a bit.
  8. Plants older than 1 year can survive longer cold periods but don’t risk too much.

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