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Haworthia springbokvlakensis- Unusual Beauty

Haworthia in the pot

If you’re searching for a botanical treasure to help your garden stand out, search no more. Haworthia springbokvlakensis is a small, slow-growing succulent originated in South Africa. The name of this plant means “flats where the springboks are found” (Springbok is a South African gazelle noted for springing lightly into the air). What makes Haworthia […]

Sedeveria “Blue Elf”- Bring Happiness To Your Garden

Sedeveria “Blue Elf” (also known as “Happy Plant”) is a beautiful succulent with a blue-green rosette and a thick coating of powdery farina. This is a hybrid of sedum and echeveria. The leaf tips can go from red to burgundy. This color change can is also an indicator of direct sun stress, underwatering or low temperatures […]

The Impressive Crassula Genus

Crassula ovata gollum

Crassula are a widely cultivated plant genus with some 350 accepted species, originating almost exclusively from the Eastern Cape area of Southern Africa.  Crassula’s have become increasingly popular,  most known for the “Crassula ovata” , more commonly named “Jade Plant”. With an impressive variety of succulent plants, collectors are drawn to their easy-care nature, low […]

Bring Sunrise Into Your Garden- Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata

Anacampseros in the pot

If you’re looking for a succulent that will light up your home or outdoor dish garden, Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata, (Anacampseros telephiastrum “Variegata” or Anacampseros “Sunrise”) may be just a right choice for you. This succulent can be a real gem on its own or you can combine it with other succulents to make an eye-catching […]

Vertical Succulent Garden In A Few Easy Steps

Vertical Succulent Garden

If you’re looking for something that will bring the wow factor to your garden but doesn’t require high maintenance, you should try combining succulents with vertical planters. This is a combination that can bring you a lot of benefits. Succulents don’t need much water or fertilizers, so you don’t need much time for taking care […]

4 Reasons Your Leaf Cuttings Won`t Grow A New Succulent

Succulent Leaf Cuttings

If you’re a succulent lover that decides to propagate your plants, you probably learned the easiest way to do that is from leaf cutting. So, you cut the right leaf and planted it, but nothing is happening. The main problem can be that your leaf cutting is only producing roots, but nothing is growing on […]

Euphorbia tirucalli – The Wonderful Sticks of Fire Plant

Close up of the Euphorbia tirucalli

The Euphorbia Tirucalli is one of over two thousand splendid and diverse plant life within the Euphorbiaceae family.  A wide spread family of stem succulents, which have evolved over time and now have many characteristics of cacti.  This clever plant adaptation has enabled this genus to survive in some of the harshest of natural habitats, […]

Pots Without Drainage- How To Water Succulents In Them?

Pots can be amazing for creating breathtaking succulent arrangments. Usually, you’ll go with ones with holes, but there are so many great ideas that include pots and containers without drainage. Knowing about succulent care would probably make you think this kind of containers is the best way to kill a succulent but it doesn’t have […]