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Kalanchoe tomentosa “Panda Plant”- Furry Cutie For a Pot

Kalanchoe tomentosa “Panda Plant”

If you’re looking for a new addition to your indoor succulent garden, take a look at this cutie. Kalanchoe tomentosa aka “Panda Plant” is a native Madagascar species. You can make it look great in an interesting container and sitting near a window or in some hanging baskets outdoors. Tree-like Beauty “Panda Plant” has a […]

Graptoveria “Debbie”- Little Bit Of Pink You Need This Autumn

Graptoveria ‘Debbie’

We already learned succulents come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. One we`re meeting today can bring a pinch of color your garden needs in this grayish months. If you want to refresh a look of your succulent heaven with a low-maintenance plant, Graptoveria “Debbie” is a great choice for you. Graptoveria “Debbie” is a […]

Is Your Elephant Bush Losing Leaves? Here`s Why

Elephant Bush Leaves

Elephant Bush or Elephant Food (also known as Portulacaria afra) is one of the world’s most popular succulent garden shrub or bonsai subject. This cutie is a perfect addition to both your indoor and outdoor succulent garden. Also being known as Miniature Jade or Dwarf Jade, it has nothing to do with Crassula ovata. The […]

Fockea- Exotic Gem From Africa

Fockea in a Pot

Fockea is a genus name for 6 succulent scrubs native to southern Africa. In the succulent world, this plant is a relatively new member of the family. However, it has more than an interesting history. Fockea capensis is established as a single species in 1838. It’s based on a specimen cultivated at the Schönbrunn Garden […]

Rosulate Viola- Rare Gem For Experienced Growers

Flowering Viola

Viola, a genus of the Violet family, contains around 600 annual and perennial plants, as well as few small shrubs. They are widely growing over both the Southern and Nothern temperature zone. Some species can be found even in the Andes, Sandwich Island and over Eastern Europe. Viola- Beauty Comes In All Shapes and Sizes […]

Moving With Succulents- Transfer Your Plants Without Harming Them

Moving Succulent Collection

Moving is stressful enough. If you add your succulent collection to the mix, it seems like a logistic nightmare. Truth is, it doesn’t have to be. Long-distance transport of your succulents is challenging, but with a little patience and some proper tools, you should pull it off without extra stress. In this post, we will […]

Pruning Succulents- Tips For Maintaining Your Succulent Arrangement

Succulents are well known for their diversity in shapes, colors, and sizes. They’re also known for not being needy plants. For maintaining a healthy and beautiful succulent isn’t a time-consuming process. However, your plants will need some extra love from time to time, as they grow. Pruning succulents from time to time can prevent rot, […]

Tips And Tricks On Choosing a Perfect Pot For Your Succulent

Pots are the second best thing when it comes to growing succulents. There is such a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials out there. Beautiful pot can inspire you to make breathtaking succulent masterpieces. With the right pot, you can make your succulent really stand out. Whether you choose to pair your pot […]

Succulent Wreath- How To Make a Timeless Door Decoration

Succulent Wreath Design

If you’re searching for creative, new level arrangements to bring into your succulent collection, the wreath can be a perfect choice for you. A colorful, rich succulent wreath can be eye-catching jewelry on your front door or bring some dimension into your outdoor garden. Wherever you decide to place this arrangement, it can bring you […]