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Dudleya Smuggler Arrested and Sentenced to Jail in California – A Great Determent for Succulent Poachers

If you commit a crime against nature, the nature may punish not just you but the whole mankind. So, it’s extremely important that human judiciary system finds such crimes and prevents them, and if they happens, it should punish the criminals so hard that others won’t dare to commit the offense. The judiciary system of […]

Poached Cacti Worth Over $1.2 Million Confiscated to Chile – An Elaborate Rescue Operation

You may look at cacti and succulents as just ordinary plants like any other plant, and may not imagine how expensive they are when poached and black marketed. But a year-long rescue operation that resulted in a successful confiscation of some rare cacti and succulents might be an eye-opener for you regarding how valued these […]