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10 Facts About Christmas Cactus For Holiday Season

Christmas Cactus in a Pot

The best gift for a cacti lover this holiday season would definitely be a Christmas Cactus. It’s also a very popular gift this time of year. This houseplant blooms around Christmas but still stays very attractive throughout the year. With its long green arm and cultivars in numerous colors, Christmas Cactus is a real gem […]

Epithelantha micromeris (“Button Cactus”)- Step Up Your Rock Garden Game

Epithelantha micromeris aka “Button Cactus” is a perfect addition for your rock garden or to plant is some cute hanging baskets. This unusual looking succulent will fit in any arrangment you can possibly think of and it doesn’t require too much care. Look Can Be Deceiving “Button Cactus” is a small, Madagascar-native cactus. It only grows […]

Moving With Succulents- Transfer Your Plants Without Harming Them

Moving Succulent Collection

Moving is stressful enough. If you add your succulent collection to the mix, it seems like a logistic nightmare. Truth is, it doesn’t have to be. Long-distance transport of your succulents is challenging, but with a little patience and some proper tools, you should pull it off without extra stress. In this post, we will […]

Euphorbia polygona “Snowflake”- Bring Some Color To Your Autumn

With the autumn at our doorsteps, we`re looking into another colorful season. With their wide diversity in shapes and colors, succulents are a perfect choice for bringing the autumn spirit into your home or garden this year. If you want something different, unusual and eye-catching, Euphorbia polygona, aka “Snowflake” is a great choice. With its […]

Mammillaria gracilis fragilis- Unusual Cactus For Your Home or Garden

Thimble Cactus flower

A big family of cacti is full of different shape, sizes, and colors. It all of that diversity, Mammillaria gracilis fragilis or Thimble cactus may be one of the most unusual looking. Breathtaking Look Easy To Take Care Of This beautiful, small cactus has an oval, green body covered in interwoven white spines. The tubercles […]

Melocactus- Beauty Worth The Effort

Melocactus Potted

Melocactus is a genus of especially eye-catching cacti. Being a popular cactus in cultivation, they’re native to almost tropic areas like various parts of the Caribbean, South America (mostly Brazil), and Mexico. Breathtaking Look Tooks Time What makes this genus so desirable among the cacti lovers is the extraordinary look the mature plant has. Melocactus has a […]