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The Impressive Crassula Genus

Crassula ovata gollum

Crassula are a widely cultivated plant genus with some 350 accepted species, originating almost exclusively from the Eastern Cape area of Southern Africa.  Crassula’s have become increasingly popular,  most known for the “Crassula ovata” , more commonly named “Jade Plant”. With an impressive variety of succulent plants, collectors are drawn to their easy-care nature, low […]

Echinocereus – A genus for all

Echinocereus is a genus of popular specimen plants, containing over 70 species of ribbed, cylindrical and clump-forming cacti.  A favourite contender for the specialist collector and much loved around the globe, this genus is most recognised for its tight, colourful spines and breath-taking blooms. When I was told this prickly plant family had some of […]

Euphorbia tirucalli – The Wonderful Sticks of Fire Plant

Close up of the Euphorbia tirucalli

The Euphorbia Tirucalli is one of over two thousand splendid and diverse plant life within the Euphorbiaceae family.  A wide spread family of stem succulents, which have evolved over time and now have many characteristics of cacti.  This clever plant adaptation has enabled this genus to survive in some of the harshest of natural habitats, […]

Euphorbiaceae – A Comprehensive Collection of Stem Succulents

Euphorbia aeruginosa

The Euphorbia genus contains a wide and diverse range of ornamental plants, from the smallest of annuals to full grown trees. One of the best-known, though least exciting species is the Poinsettia plant which is always around at Christmas time. Further Euphorbia species, especially those native to Southern Africa and Madagascar, have taken on several […]

The Great Opuntia Genus – Prickly Pear Cactus

“Opuntia” in its botanical name, is a truly unique genus ranging from small, prostrate plants to towering trees. Standing proud in their natural habitat, the most recognised member of the Opuntia family has to be the native South American “Prickly Pear” Cacti.   The “Prickly Pear” is sun-loving specimen with flat, rounded pads each generously […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Growing Asclepiads

With a total of more than 100 genera, the botanical Asclepiadaceae family contains few species which fall into the category of “Average”.  These spectacular specimens represent a visually unique group of plants that are desirable to the most enthusiastic and dedicated of succulent growers, often presenting a challenge in their care and cultivation.  The difficulties […]

The Amazing Family of Asclepiads

Flowers of Edithcolea grandis

Asclepiads are a super-stunning plant family containing over 3000 members.  These range from perennial herbaceous plants, woody twining shrubs, stem succulents, lianas and occasionally trees, all belonging to the common “Milk weed”, or botanical “Asclepiadaceae” family. Today I want to take a look at the range of stem-succulents within this fascinating and somewhat eccentric plant […]

Haworthias – A Diverse Range of Plants within One Genus

haworthia plant image

Haworthias originate from the landscapes of Southern Africa and are closely related to the Aloe and Gasteria cultivars.  Haworthia, Aloe and Gasteria all are members of the Asphodelaceae family. Haworthia plants come in a wide range of forms, colour and textures.  Most are rosette forming and relatively small, whilst others form a clump as they […]