We are a small company based in Belgrade, Serbia (Europe). 10 years ago we started selling seeds online and very fast we became recognized as one of most popular succulent seeds sellers online. In that period we have shipped over 50.000 shipments all over the world!

Sources of our seeds are various. One small part of seeds we sell are grown by us, as we have large collection of plants. Biggest part of our seeds collection is from connections and friendships with various growers worldwide. That’s why our seeds are of top quality. We do not sell everything we harvest or take somewhere, we only sell from top growers. One part of seeds is habitat collected but only with a care for nature in mind, so no endangered or species from CITES list.

Testimonials and reviews about our products you can find on a lot of places online. Just research a bit and you will find topics about us on Facebook, Reddit, various forums etc.

Besides this website we also sell seeds on a popular shopping platfrom ETSY: