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Jatropha- To Be Or Not To Be Succulent

Jatropha in a Pot

The Jatropha genus includes a wide variety of plants native to warmer regions all over the world. From tropical to semi-arid subtropical plants, the Jatropha genus resembles succulents in growth patterns and care needs. Different types of this plant are popular in different regions. For example, in the United States, one of the most popular […]

Gasteraloe “Green Ice”- Refreshment For Your Indoor Garden

Gasteraloe "Green Ice"

Are you on a hunt for a perfect indoor succulent to fresh up your collection? Or you’re searching for an addition to your adorable holiday arrangement? Either way, you`ll fall in love with Gasteraloe ( aka “Green Ice”). This cutie is perfect for succulent newbies, as well as experienced growers looking for low-maintenance, yet effective […]

10 Facts About Christmas Cactus For Holiday Season

Christmas Cactus in a Pot

The best gift for a cacti lover this holiday season would definitely be a Christmas Cactus. It’s also a very popular gift this time of year. This houseplant blooms around Christmas but still stays very attractive throughout the year. With its long green arm and cultivars in numerous colors, Christmas Cactus is a real gem […]