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Pruning Succulents- Tips For Maintaining Your Succulent Arrangement

Succulents are well known for their diversity in shapes, colors, and sizes. They’re also known for not being needy plants. For maintaining a healthy and beautiful succulent isn’t a time-consuming process. However, your plants will need some extra love from time to time, as they grow. Pruning succulents from time to time can prevent rot, […]

Tips And Tricks On Choosing a Perfect Pot For Your Succulent

Pots are the second best thing when it comes to growing succulents. There is such a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials out there. Beautiful pot can inspire you to make breathtaking succulent masterpieces. With the right pot, you can make your succulent really stand out. Whether you choose to pair your pot […]

Succulent Wreath- How To Make a Timeless Door Decoration

Succulent Wreath Design

If you’re searching for creative, new level arrangements to bring into your succulent collection, the wreath can be a perfect choice for you. A colorful, rich succulent wreath can be eye-catching jewelry on your front door or bring some dimension into your outdoor garden. Wherever you decide to place this arrangement, it can bring you […]

DIY Succulent Topiary- When Nature Meets Art

Succulent Topiary

The art of topiary, as one of the oldest forms of sculpture, involves pruning and shaping the plants over the years to create three-dimensional masterpieces. If this sounds complicated to you, don’t worry. Creating your own succulent topiary is far easier than you may think. Succulents are great starter plants for creating this artistic garden […]

Kalanchoe luciae “Paddle Plant”- A Bit of Drama We Need

Kalanchoe luciae, also known as “Paddle Plant” or “Flapjack”, is among the most dramatic-looking succulents out there. Having it in your garden means having a champion of beauty. This succulent is a winner of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society. Paddle Plant will be perfect for your succulent garden, coastal […]

Euphorbia polygona “Snowflake”- Bring Some Color To Your Autumn

With the autumn at our doorsteps, we`re looking into another colorful season. With their wide diversity in shapes and colors, succulents are a perfect choice for bringing the autumn spirit into your home or garden this year. If you want something different, unusual and eye-catching, Euphorbia polygona, aka “Snowflake” is a great choice. With its […]