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Haworthia reinwardtii- A Lot Of Cuteness With A Little Effort

Haworthia reinwardtii

Haworthia is a great choice for you if you’re looking for a perfect, easy-growing house plant. Basically, if you can keep alive a healthy Aloe or Echeverias indoors, you can grow this cutie without any problems. A Lot of Cuteness In a Small Package Haworthia reinwardtii or Zebra Wart is a small, perennial succulent, whit […]

Melocactus- Beauty Worth The Effort

Melocactus Potted

Melocactus is a genus of especially eye-catching cacti. Being a popular cactus in cultivation, they’re native to almost tropic areas like various parts of the Caribbean, South America (mostly Brazil), and Mexico. Breathtaking Look Tooks Time What makes this genus so desirable among the cacti lovers is the extraordinary look the mature plant has. Melocactus has a […]