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Opuntia microdasys albata- Desert Cutie For Your Home and Garden

Opuntia microdasys albata flower

In the cacti family, Opuntia microdasys albata may be one of the cutest members. That’s where its common names come from. This species is often known as Bunny Ear or Angel Wings. This paddle cactus is favorite among outdoor and indoor succulent growers because of its easy to please nature. Spikey Beauty Bunny Ear is […]

Haworthia springbokvlakensis- Unusual Beauty

Haworthia in the pot

If you’re searching for a botanical treasure to help your garden stand out, search no more. Haworthia springbokvlakensis is a small, slow-growing succulent originated in South Africa. The name of this plant means “flats where the springboks are found” (Springbok is a South African gazelle noted for springing lightly into the air). What makes Haworthia […]