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Vertical Succulent Garden In A Few Easy Steps

Vertical Succulent Garden

If you’re looking for something that will bring the wow factor to your garden but doesn’t require high maintenance, you should try combining succulents with vertical planters. This is a combination that can bring you a lot of benefits. Succulents don’t need much water or fertilizers, so you don’t need much time for taking care […]

4 Reasons Your Leaf Cuttings Won`t Grow A New Succulent

Succulent Leaf Cuttings

If you’re a succulent lover that decides to propagate your plants, you probably learned the easiest way to do that is from leaf cutting. So, you cut the right leaf and planted it, but nothing is happening. The main problem can be that your leaf cutting is only producing roots, but nothing is growing on […]

Euphorbia tirucalli – The Wonderful Sticks of Fire Plant

Close up of the Euphorbia tirucalli

The Euphorbia Tirucalli is one of over two thousand splendid and diverse plant life within the Euphorbiaceae family.  A wide spread family of stem succulents, which have evolved over time and now have many characteristics of cacti.  This clever plant adaptation has enabled this genus to survive in some of the harshest of natural habitats, […]

Pots Without Drainage- How To Water Succulents In Them?

Pots can be amazing for creating breathtaking succulent arrangments. Usually, you’ll go with ones with holes, but there are so many great ideas that include pots and containers without drainage. Knowing about succulent care would probably make you think this kind of containers is the best way to kill a succulent but it doesn’t have […]

Yavia- Newest Addition To The Cactus Family

Yavia cryptocarpa

Yavia is a monotypic genus of dwarf plants. This is one of the most recently discovered genera in the Cactus family. Despite a recent description of this genera, Yavia is being rapidly propagated by enthusiasts. This should make it more and more available each year. A Secret Gem Yavia is named after Argentina’s department Yavi, […]