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Monocarpic Succulents- You`re Not Killing Them

Monocarpic succulents

Your favorite succulent finally bloomed and just died afterward? Don’t worry, its not your fault. What you have is a monocarpic succulent. This type of succulent has a unique life cycle. Monocarpic succulents bloom only once. This means that as soon as the single flower has come and go, succulent will dry out. At this point, […]

Fenestraria- Tiny Succulent For A Big Difference


If you’re planning an indoor garden that will catch an eye, you can’t miss having Fenestraria in it. Also known as Baby Toes, this unusual succulent origin from South Africa and Namibia. This succulent is great to grow as a small ornamental plant due to its extraordinary look. These small plants originally grow in mats or clumps in sandy […]

Discocactus horstii- Grow and Care Tips

Discocactus horstii

Discocactus is a highly prized genus of cacti, very popular among the collector around the world. Reasons for that are their showy, beautiful white flowers, compact size, and slow growth. One of the most popular cactus within this genus is Discocactus horstii. A true diamond in your garden Discocactus horstii Is a small, round cactus that grows ups […]

You Have A Furry Friend? Keep Your Pet From These Succulents

If you’re a succulent lover that own a dog or a cat, you probably worry about them chewing your plants. Did your pet just dug your favorite succulent out just for fun? As much as you’re angry, you should consider if a succulent you own can be poisonous for your pets. Most of the succulents are perfectly safe […]

Haworthias – A Diverse Range of Plants within One Genus

haworthia plant image

Haworthias originate from the landscapes of Southern Africa and are closely related to the Aloe and Gasteria cultivars.  Haworthia, Aloe and Gasteria all are members of the Asphodelaceae family. Haworthia plants come in a wide range of forms, colour and textures.  Most are rosette forming and relatively small, whilst others form a clump as they […]

You Want Something Different? Meet Blossfeldia liliputana

Blossfeldia liliputana earned its name by the novel Gulliver’s Travels and the tiny people of Lilliput. As you can imagine, B. liliputana is the smallest cactus in the world. This unique cactus grows in Andes mountains and it maxes at 1.3 centimeters (or half an inch). Blossfeldia is a summer blooming cactus with beautiful white flowers. […]

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Grow Lights for Succulents

Succulent Growlights

Why use Grow Lights for your Succulents and Cacti? We all know that plants need light to survive. This is especially relevant to succulents and cacti as these species naturally grow in bright and warm habitats, typically receiving at least 6 – 8 hours of sunlight per day and through a process of plant adaptation […]

Yummy Succulents? Type of Succulents You Can Eat

When you’re enjoying that beautiful arrangement in your garden, eating some of those succulents isn’t the first thing on your mind, right? Truth is, a lot of succulents are edible. Even more, in some cultures, they are very common on a plate. Here are some type of edible succulents and some ideas on how to serve them. Aloe […]

5 Ways Succulents Can Help You Stay Healthy

Besides being beautiful and easy to grow, succulents can make a great change in your life. Having houseplants can improve your physical and mental health in so many ways. You can take advantage of a trend of succulents potting and make some positive change with minimal effort. Here are five ways your health can benefit from some sweet […]