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Tools For Succulent Gardening

Whether you want to make gardening easier or you’re a newbie who needs a list of proper tools for taking care of your succulents, you’re in the right spot. In this post, we will present you everything a basic gardening tool kit for growing succulents need to contain. You can always leave a comment if you think […]

How to Grow Aloe

growing aloe

Growing Aloe Aloe is probably one of the most recognizable succulents that you can grow!   Even those that aren’t well versed in plants at all are able to recognize the medicinal Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis), which is commonly used for skin care, and many other applications.  There are many different species of aloe available, and […]

Common Diseases & Cultural Problems in Succulent and Cacti

  The Cacti and Succulent families are easy to care for and not particularly prone to problems, but there are a few common diseases that they need protection against.  Many problems can be avoided by following good cultural practices, especially cleanliness.  Dead, dying or diseased plants are a breeding ground for pests and need to […]