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How to Water Succulents and Cacti – This May Surprise You!

Watering Succulents & Cacti I’ll start off by saying that you should not believe everything that you read on the internet.  Some of it is correct, but much of it is not!  I’ve seen many misconceptions all over the internet on the topic of watering succulents and cacti.  If you are an inexperienced succulent grower, […]

Succulent newbie? Watch out for these mistakes

I know, that succulent wall you saw at the wedding last Saturday looked amazing. You want something like that in your own home, but it takes a lot of work, right? If you tried to get that perfect indoor garden already and fail, we got your back.  Here in Unusualseeds, we prepared a list of easy tips […]

Succulent Growing Mediums – A Comprehensive Guide

Have you spent hours hunting around your local garden centre for the best succulent and cacti compost? Doesn’t it seem there are so many to choose from? With each product containing different growing mediums, in different quantities that in the end it just gets confusing.  If, like many of us growing enthusiasts, you have at […]